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JR Dried Tripe Sticks 100g

JR Dried Tripe Sticks 100g

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These all natural tripe sticks are guaranteed to go down well.  Made from nothing but 100% dried green tripe.

While us humans might not be so keen on the smell of tripey treats, our canine companions generally think it's amazing! These chews are a great option for dogs that are usually picky with their treats.

There are a number of great nutritional benefits to green tripe, aside from dogs finding it super tasty. Green tripe is great for digestion as it contains enzymes that help to break down your dog's food and absorb more nutrients. It's also a probiotic - It contains Lactobacillus acidophilus which helps to control the population of unhealthy bacteria in the gut such as E Coli & Salmonella.

  • Improves gut health
  • Helps digestion
  • Great for fussy eaters
  • Low in fat


Feeding Guide:

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks


100% Beef Tripe

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 82.5%, Natural oils & fats 6.9%, Moisture 5.3%, Ash 4.2%


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