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Riber Pets was born from the belief that our pets deserve the very best – they are our furry children after all! We have carefully curated a collection of what we believe is the very best the pet industry has to offer. You won’t find any products at Riber Pets that we wouldn’t use on our own pets – and we have high standards! 

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We opened the first Riber Pets in Matlock in 2021 with a mission to change the pet industry and educate owners of the importance of nutrition, enrichment, and training. We believe in “Unleashing Their Wild Side” and by this we mean understanding a pet's natural instincts and working with them. Our method creates some seriously happy pets.

Our pet passion continues in our grooming salons where your pets will receive a proper pamper. We’ve gathered a team of super-groomers to make sure your pooches leave Riber Pets looking and feeling their best! Every visit to Riber Pets is a chance for your pet to try something new, work on their training or just have a massive cuddle with the team!

  • Collars, Leads & Harnesses

    Get your pooch fully equipped for any adventure you have together! Shop fashionable and functional options to keep them safe and secure when they are out and about with you.

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  • Dog Health

    We know that a healthy pet creates a happy owner! Keep those joints moving and tails wagging by taking advantage of our wide range of health products for dogs.

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  • Stuff For Humans

    Although we prioritise our four legged friends, we do cater for their 2 legged owners too! We have a range of walking bags, treat pouches, jumpers so you can be as almost as stylish as your pets!

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Our Riber Pets Locations

Matlock Pet Shop & Grooming Salon

5 Crown Square, Matlock, DE4 3AT

Duffield Pet Shop & Grooming Salon

25 New Zealand Ln, Duffield, DE56 4BZ