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JR Pure Salmon Pate Sausages

JR Pure Salmon Pate Sausages

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These meaty pates are made from 100% fresh human grade muscle meat. No fillers, no nasties, just pure tasty meat in a variety of different proteins to suit your dog's taste buds.

These pates are great for dogs that have sensitivities to certain proteins or grains as you can be confident they only contain the one ingredient! They are grain free, hypoallergenic and are versatile so they can be enjoyed by your dog in countless ways.

The firm texture of this pate means in cat be chopped into cubes or discs, as a tasty topper to your dog's usual meal or used to hide medication. They are great for pressing into Kongs, Lickimats and other interactive treats for a long lasting licking experience that'll keep your dog mentally stimulated and calm.

  • 100% human grade muscle meat
  • Grain free & hypoallergenic
  • Great for dogs with sensitivities
  • Can be frozen

Feeding Guide:

Feed sparingly as a treat or in combination with main meals. Adjust regular feed proportionately.


100% Salmon

Analytical Constituents:

Raw Protein 13.9%, raw fat 15.5%, moisture 61.8%, ash 0.9%. Crude Fibre < 0.5% Vitamin A: 4400 IU/Kgr Vitamin D: 300 IU/Kgr Vitamin E: 48 mgr/Kgr


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