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JR Beef Skin Slice 75cm

JR Beef Skin Slice 75cm

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These delicious, long-lasting chews are made from nothing but air-dried beef skin. They are a great natural alternative to rawhide.

Each chew is a whopping 75cm long so they will stand up to larger breeds and more aggressive chewers. They can (with some care) be cut up to create smaller chews. The resilient, textured skin makes a great natural dental chew as it wears plaque and tartar off the surface of dogs teeth as they chew.

Chewing and licking also releases calming endorphins in your dog's brain. Making these a great boredom buster for excitable pooches. Additionally, all this chewing action increases saliva production. Saliva contains an enzyme called Amylase which helps your dog's digestive system function properly and also helps to protect their gums and teeth.

  • Great boredom buster
  • Perfect for large breed dogs
  • Helps clean teeth
  • Reduces anxiety


Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks

100% Beef Skin

Protein 80.18%, Natural Oils and Fats 7.96%, Moisture 7.28%, Ash 4.58%.

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