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Carnilove Carp with Black Carrot Pâté Pouch 300g

Carnilove Carp with Black Carrot Pâté Pouch 300g

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For dogs that crave the absolute best.

These Carnilove Pâté pouches have 85% meat content and will be sure to wet even the fussiest feeder's appetite. The novel proteins used in these recipes make them great for dogs who have sensitivities to some meats.

A super meaty complete wet food packed with nutrients designed to satisfy dogs' instincts whilst providing a tasty meal. These Pâtés can also be used as a tasty topper with your dog's usual kibble.

Feeling fancy? Spread some pâté inside a toy, on a lick pad or inside a Buffalo horn for a super stimulating treat.

  • Grain Free
  • 85% Meat
  • Complete Food
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Novel Protein



Feeding Guide:

For best flavour, serve at room temperature. Make sure your canine buddy always has a bowl of fresh water available. Once opened, store in fridge and use within 3 days.


85% meat and organs (59% turkey, 26% carp), 9% broth,4% blackcarrot, 1% minerals, 1% linseed oil

Analytical Constituents:

Contains natural antioxidants.


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