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BullyBillows Double Ended Training Dog Lead Black

BullyBillows Double Ended Training Dog Lead Black

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The BullyBillows Training Lead is a multi-functional, double-ended lead that can be used in 8 different ways:

1. Short length for heel training or normal walking.
2. Medium length for obedience training.
3. Long length for recall or distance work.
4. Hands-free dog training.
5. Two dogs on one lead ‚Äď making use of the double ended¬†clasps.
6. Easy, supervised tethering.
7. Double steering for optimum control.
8. Recommended for use with any BullyBillows collars and leads.

We recommend using this in conjunction with harness that have a front and back attachment as this lead can assist in training and aid to help eliminate your dog pulling.

Product Information:
Material: Soft woven Nylon - which makes it very comfortable to hold.
Length: 2m
Thickness: 2cm

Made with Stainless Steel Hardware which has the BullyBillows lifetime guarantee.



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