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Find The Perfect Toys For Your Furry Friend at Riber Pets

You adore your dog and want them to live their best life. As their owner, it's your responsibility to provide enrichment through play. But with so many dog toys to choose from, how do you decide which ones are right for your precious pup? Look no further than Riber Pets!

As fellow dog lovers, we understand the struggle of finding toys that match your dog's needs and personality. That's why we scoured only the best dog toys that span a variety of sizes, textures, shapes and purposes.

From squeaky balls to interactive puzzles, our dog toy collection is a playground for your pup. Treat them to joy – shop now!

We'll Help You Unleash Your Dog's Inner Puppy

Get ready to watch your dog turn into an excited puppy again when you surprise them with a new toy from Riber Pets! Whether your dog loves to play fetch, tug, chew, or all of the above, you’ll find the perfect option to match their individual play style and energy level.

Our extensive collection includes tough chew toys, interactive games and puzzles, plush toys for snuggling, fetch balls and flying discs, treat dispensers, ropes for epic tug of war battles, and more – all from reputable brands your dog will love.

Why Enrichment Toys Are Essential

You know exercise is important for your dog's health, but did you know mental stimulation is equally as vital? Dogs need more than just a daily walk or game of fetch in the garden to stay happy and healthy.

Boredom leads to stress and destructive behaviours in dogs. Challenging their brain with regular interactive play prevents boredom by satisfying their natural instincts to seek, hunt and forage. Toys also provide positive outlets for exercising their jaws and releasing pent-up energy. Ultimately, the right dog toys keep your furry BFF entertained for hours on end.

Shop By Your Dog's Size, Breed & Play Style

To take the guesswork out of picking the best dog toys, we make it easy for you to shop according to your dog’s needs. Filter toys by characteristics like:

  • Size - Choose from small, medium and large options built for your dog’s height and jaw strength.
  • Breed - Some toys work better for powerful chewers or retrieval-focused breeds.
  • Playstyle – Look for the icons indicating property favourites for fetch, tug, chew, sensory, or solo play.

We also call out gentler “new puppy” toys perfect for the teething stage. With so many filters to utilise, you’re sure to discover exciting toys your dog will genuinely enjoy for longer-lasting fun.

Most Durable Dog Toys

Does your dog tend to quickly destroy their toys? Don’t despair – we have ultra-tough options built to withstand aggressive chewing with reinforcement technologies far superior to standard plush or rope toys.

Snuggable Plush Pals

Show your furbaby some extra love by adding an adorable new plush bestie to their collection! At Riber Pets, we offer the most Pawsome selection of cuddly stuffed animals, crinkle critters and squeaky characters for your dog to gently play with.

Beyond just looking cute for pet parents, quality plush dog toys provide important enrichment. The soft textures and charming faces tap into your pup's natural instincts to nurture - similar to their interactions with litter mates as puppies. It's absolutely heart-melting to watch your dog carefully carry around or even "nurse" their new snuggly friend.

Of course, we also understand safety comes first with plush toys, so we only offer reputable brands designed with durability in mind, like lightweight stuffings and reinforced seams. As fellow pet owners ourselves, we'd never sell anything we wouldn't also buy for our own furry family!

Thrilling Disc Toys for High-Energy Dogs

Is your active pup always raring to go chasing after balls and frisbees at the park? Add to their collection with Riber Pet's wide range of flyer and floating disc dog toys! We provide aerodynamic and colourful fetch options for both casual games in the garden and hardcore distance with canine sport dogs.

There's just something magical about watching your energetic pup transform into a graceful gazelle leaping high to snatch their toy disc out of the air. You can see the raw joy light up their face once the disc is clamped tightly in their jaws, trotting back to deliver their "prey" to you - their beloved human pack leader!

Of course, safety remains vital when playing disc games, so be sure to avoid nearby roads or other dangers, monitor for signs of fatigue, and never leave unsupervised with small toys they could choke on. But with reasonable precautions, it's an amazing exercise that taps into their primal flying disc-chasing instincts!

Nearly Indestructible Tough Toys

Some dogs - especially thriving adolescent pups and powerful breeds like Staffordshire Bull Terriers - really put their toys to the test with relentless shaking, chomping and tossing their "prey" around the room. Their impressive displays of jaw strength require THE toughest toys built to withstand such vigorous play.

That's why we're thrilled to offer virtually indestructible dog toys specially designed for aggressive chewers at Riber Pets. We're talking reinforced rubber, double-layered stitching and proprietary chew-proof materials nearly impossible to rip into pieces. While no dog toy is 100% destruction-proof, we feel fully confident claiming these rugged toys last exponentially longer than standard plush or plastic options.

More Pawesome Toy Categories

Beyond snuggly stuffed pals, thrilling flyers and tough chew toys, Riber Pets offers award-winning enrichment options across all types of categories:

  • Puzzle toys - Promote IQ development through games releasing kibble or treats when manipulated a certain way.
  • Treat-holding toys - Turn boring stuff like dental sticks into an exciting challenge to conquer the shell blocking the delicious centre.
  • Squeaky toys - Capture attention with fun squeaks and crunchy plastic bottles inside soft exteriors to shake.
  • Ball launchers - Save your shoulder and blast standard tennis balls over 50+ meters for your retriever to delight in chasing after!

We're constantly updating inventory with the latest and greatest dog toy innovations too. Explore our curated selection of dog toys that will turn every tail-wag into a wag-tasting adventure. Shop now and let the play begin!