Pet owner washing a dog in the self-service grooming station at Riber Pets in Matlock, Derbyshire

How to Use Our Self-Service Dog Wash and Grooming Station

Pop in-store and use our Self-Service Dog Wash, ideal if you want to wash and dry your mucky pup after a hike in the Derbyshire Dales, or keep them in style between our professional grooms.

Securely located at the back our store, it’s super straightforward to use, with step-by-step instructions, and of course a Riber Pro on hand if you’re unsure of anything. Suitable for all dog sizes and ages. So who is going to get wetter, you or your dog?

The full list of packages is at the end of this post, but as a brief summary:

Basic Package and Add-Ons

A 15-minute wash and dry is the basic package. From there, you can choose various add-ons should they need to be done by one of our professional groomers. (Hey, we can’t just let anyone loose with those the nail clippers!)

Express Pamper

If your mutt just needs a little bit of zhuzh-ing up, we have some express freshening-up options for breath, ears and more. You can take advantage of those without the wash and dry.

How to Wash and Dry Your Dog at Riber Pets

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Come On In and Lock the Gate

Come into the dedicted grooming area and lock the gate behind you for safety. It’s a little bit stiff, so pull the gate towards you as you slide the lock across.

Let Your Mucky Mutt Get In The Bath

Slide the panel across and let your dog hop in. There are some pull-out steps if your little buddy needs them to get up. The bath fits all dogs from XS to XXL.

Once your dog is in, slide the panel back to close the bath.

Put on the Neck Restraint

Keeping hold of your dog’s lead, take the neck restraint off the peg and place it over your dog’s head, then attach it to the clip behind them.

Once your dog’s secure, remove their collar.

Grab Some Shampoo

We'll prepare your dog's shampoo to match their skin and coat requirements. 

Wet Your Dog’s Fur

Use the shower to wet your dog’s fur, taking care not to get any in their ears. We always advise starting from the back to the front of your dog. Always check the temperature of the water on your arm before wetting your dog - luke warm is advisable.

Lather Them Up

Pour the shampoo onto your dog’s fur in large sections. Shampoo their fur, taking care to clean any particularly mucky bits.

If you have a large dog, you’ll need to do one side and then the other. Unclip the neck noose to turn them, and then clip them back onto the hook at the other end.

Rinse Off the Suds

Once your pupdog is suitably sudded up, use the shower to rinse off the shampoo. Again, you might need to do one side and then the other. Move and clip them in as necessary.

Towel Dry

Once your buddy is soap-free, rub them down with one of the available towels. Pop it in the basket once you’re done. Our awesome Henry Wag towels, drying coats and mitts are available to purchase - we know you'll love them after you've used them.

Blow Dry

Now you can use the hairdryer to fluff them to perfection. Switch it on at the red box and work your way around your dog.There are two heat settings (high and low) and a dial which starts low to high. Again we advise always starting from the tail of your dog and working towards the head. Most dogs won't allow heads to be blowdried, no need to stress them out - just use a towel. Avoid any contact with the dryer and your dogs eyes.

Feel Free To Use

Feel free to use any of the brushes. Need any help please just bark. Oops we mean ask. Add on £2 and finish Fido off with a spritz of fragrance, and a breath freshener. Please ask if you are unsure of either application.

Put On Their Collar

While your dog is still secure in the neck restraint, put their collar/harness back on. Once that’s done and you’re holding their lead, remove the neck restraint and put it back on the hook.

Slide Open the Door

Slide open the bath door so your not so mucky mutt can get down, and you’re all done. Release the hound. Securely of course.

Enjoy Your Pristine Pooch

Quick, make it home without getting muddy all over again. (But you know you’re not gonna make it out past our tasty natural treats bar without your dog wanting a lick!)

For Muck’s Sake Price Menu

Here are the 15-minute washing and grooming station packages with add-ons.

Mucky Mutt

Wash & Dry

Riber provide the shampoo, towels and equipment. All you need to provide is the smell, mud and fox poo…oh and willing pawrent who wants to get wet.

Nailed It

Wash & Dry + Nail Trim*

No more wet dog smell, no loose hairs, and no more plucks in the carpet furniture or Granny’s arm. You’ll definitely be in the sofa tonight after this full body wash and nail trim.

* Nail clip is completed by one of Riber Pros only

I Should Be So Mucky

Wash & Dry + Nail Trim, Ear & Eye Cleanse, Breath Freshener, Fragrance Spray & Riber Pets Bandana

The package is fully completed by a Riber Pro. And it’s the ultimate nose to tail speed pamper. Great for going on dates, meeting the in-laws, bedroom access, and much more. Move over Kylie.

Finishing Touches

For £2 you can add a spritz of fragrance or a breath freshener at the end of the blow dry.

Want a Riber Pro to Get Wet Instead?

Our Riber Pros are here to get wet if you don’t fancy soaking your pawrents. For a small extra fee a Riber Pet can do the Mucky Mutt and Nailed It packages for you.

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