8 Reasons to visit the Self Service Dog Wash at Riber Pets Matlock

8 Reasons to visit the Self Service Dog Wash at Riber Pets Matlock

Matlock is an awesome place to be a dog owner. There’s tons of pet friendly businesses to visit and the Peak District is literally on our doorstep – Amazing right?! HOWEVER, our little town also comes with its fair share of wet weather, mud, fox poop and unexpected mess which you might not want to bring back indoors with you after a long, fun-filled dog walking adventure.

That’s why the Self Service Dog Wash at Riber Pets is an absolute game changer. Simply bring your dirty dawg into the store and use the dog wash to get them back to their beautiful self in no time!

Why Do I Need to Wash My Dog?

A good wash is an important step in your dog’s regular grooming routine. While some dogs aren’t particularly fond of clean water, bathing your dog is the best way to clean out dust, dirt and mud from their coat – and whatever else they’ve managed to roll in.. If your dog has sensitive skin it’s also beneficial to clear any irritants such as pollen or insects they’ve picked up on their adventures.

Regular brushing and washing clears away knots, tangles and improves your dog’s blood circulation. So your dog can enjoy that fresh and clean feeling that we do when we give ourselves a good scrub!

Another benefit of regular dog washing is that you get a great opportunity to feel your dog all over, checking for any ticks, lumps and bumps or changes to their body. This means you're more likely to spot any health issues as they arrive.

How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

The frequency of washes your dog will need will depend on a number of factors including their coat type and their lifestyle!

If your dog is smooth coated they might not need washing as often as other breeds. However, they will still likely benefit from a good dead-shed to remove dead coats and stop them moulting quite so much. Wool coated dogs such as Poodles and dogs with thick double coats will need to be brushed and washed much more regularly. These coats are much more prone to matting and knots which can be uncomfortable.

If your dog visits a grooming salon regularly then visiting the Dog Wash in between is a great way to maintain their coat health and keep them salon-fresh.

Reason #1: It’s Super Easy

The self-service dog wash is set up with everything you need to give your pooch a proper professional clean. The experienced team at Riber Pet will talk you through everything you need to know. It’s just like working your shower at home except it’s designed especially for your pooch. The Dog Wash can be adjusted to fit super small or super large breeds and doesn’t cause back-ache like washing them in the bath at home. The Riber Pets staff are always on hand to help too!

Reason #2: It’s Convenient 

There’s no appointment needed to use the Dog Wash. As long as Riber Pets is open you can drop by with your mucky pup and rectify the problem swiftly! If you’re out walking in the Matlock area and your pooch decides to take a quick dip in a muddy puddle (or some dreaded Fox Poo!) a quick trip to Riber Pets will get them sorted so you can get home and crack on with more important things, like snuggling.

Reason #3: It’s Cheap

The self-service dog wash is a fraction of the price of a professional groom at just ÂŁ10 per 15 minutes. Brushes, Quality Shampoos, Towels and Grooming Standard Dryers are all provided saving you money and leaving more space for treats in your pet cupboard!

Reason #4:  No Stress from all the Mess!

Make flying furballs, soggy towels and unexpected splashes our problem! We know just how much fur, dead skin and muck can come out of a dog in need of a bath. That’s why we clear up for you when you’re done, so you and your dog can go on to your next adventure stress free.

Reason #5: It’s Safe

Your dog’s comfort and safety is always a priority in Riber Pets. Our dog wash comes fully equipped with professional level restraining equipment and is contained within a gated area. We offer a variety of shampoos including a sensitive option for dogs with itchy skin.

Reason #6: You Can Use Other In Store Services While You’re Here

Does your dog need a nail clip? No problem! One of our qualified and experienced groomers can finish off your hard work with a manicure. We can also express anal glands and offer dental cleaning consultations. Did you know we also have weighing scales in store that are FREE to use as often as you like? One of our team will always be happy to help.

Reason #7: It’s a Great Way to Bond with your Dog

Pack animals in the wild are known to bond through mutual grooming behaviour. While we know that not every dog loves getting a bath, the self service dog wash is a great way to bond with your dog and show them love. They might respond by slobbering in your face – The Animal Kingdom is a beautiful thing!

Reason #8: You get to Support a Local Business!

We like to think of Riber Pets as more than a pet shop. When you use our services or buy our products you’re supporting our pet-passionate family and helping us to continue to live out our dream.  A visit to Riber Pets is a fantastic chance to get personalised advice, top up on healthy treats and give your dog a professional level pamper.

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