A Comprehensive Guide to BullyBillows Harnesses

A Comprehensive Guide to BullyBillows Harnesses

If you're a proud bully breed owner, you know finding durable, comfortable, and safe gear can be a challenge. Bully breeds like Pit Bulls, Bull Terriers, and American Bulldogs have stocky builds with broad chests and muscular bodies. They need specialized equipment designed to properly fit their body type.

That's where BullyBillows comes in. This company designs heavy duty harnesses specifically for bully breed dogs. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about BullyBillows harnesses. You'll learn about:

  • The story behind BullyBillows
  • Their harness materials and construction
  • Sizing and proper fit
  • The different harness styles they offer
  • Pros and cons of their designs
  • Real owner reviews
  • Tips for selecting the right harness
  • Proper use and care

Whether you're considering your first BullyBillows purchase or are a longtime fan, this guide has the details to help you make the most informed decision. Time to get started!

The BullyBillows Story

BullyBillows was founded in 2015 by Alex Weber, a certified canine fitness trainer and longtime bully breed rescue advocate. After seeing ill-fitting, poor quality gear cause injuries and discomfort in his own dogs, Alex knew there had to be a better solution.

He partnered with a small team of designers and engineers to create a line of harnesses specifically tailored for the bully build. The result was the first BullyBillows Classic Harness, constructed from military grade materials to provide full chest and belly support.

Since then, the company has expanded to offer more harness styles plus collars, leashes, muzzles, and other accessories. They've also partnered with bully breed rescues to donate gear and spread awareness. BullyBillows is proudly committed to the health, safety, and inclusion of bully breeds.

Harness Materials and Construction

One reason BullyBillows harnesses stand out is the tough, quality materials used in their construction. This ensures they can withstand wear and tear from even the most exuberant, muscular dog.

The main fabric used across all BullyBillows harness styles is 1000D ballistic nylon. This extremely durable, tight weave nylon is abrasion resistant and rated for heavy duty use. It's similar to the material used in tactical military gear and bags.

BullyBillows uses box stitching on all their harnesses rather than simple straight stitching. Box stitching creates an X pattern for reinforced seams that prevent tearing or ripping under pressure. They also use bar tacking at major stress points for added strength.

The adjustable straps are made from seatbelt grade webbing with aircraft grade aluminum alloy buckles. This is the same material used in canine car harnesses. The buckles have a tensile strength over 3000 lbs - far more than needed even for extra large bully breeds.

For padding, BullyBillows uses a specialized closed cell foam laminated between the outer fabric and faux shearling lining. This creates a breathable, protective cushion without bulk. The sheared lining provides a smooth, chafe-free surface against the dog's chest and belly.

With these military grade materials crafted into an ergonomic bully breed design, BullyBillows harnesses offer unbeatable durability and comfort.

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Sizing and Proper Fit

Getting the right size BullyBillows harness for your dog is crucial. The wrong size can lead to escape risks, discomfort, or limited mobility.

BullyBillows harnesses come in sizes ranging from XX-Small to XX-Large based on chest circumference. There are detailed measurement guides and size charts on their website to help you select the proper harness size for your bully breed dog.

In general, you'll want to measure around the widest part of your dog's chest behind their front legs. Add 2-3 inches to this measurement to determine the size ‚Äď this accounts for adjustability and space for layered clothing during cold weather.

It's important that the harness fits snugly so it can't slide or rub. However, you should still be able to slide two fingers between the harness straps and your dog's chest when properly adjusted. Your dog should have full range of motion without any pinching or restrictions.

BullyBillows harnesses have multiple adjustable straps to customize the fit. Take time to carefully adjust these and test the fit before use. Check that the breastplate sits centered across your dog's chest without sagging or riding up.

You may need to go up or down a size as your bully breed dog matures and their build changes. Re-measure occasionally and replace harnesses that no longer fit properly. An ill-fitting harness won't provide proper support or security for your powerful pup.

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BullyBillows Harness Styles

BullyBillows currently offers three main harness styles suited for different needs:

  1. Classic BullyBillows Harness

This is BullyBillows' original signature harness that put them on the map. Designed for everyday walking, adventure, and training, it provides full chest and belly support.

The padded chest plate prevents pressure on the delicate breastbone while distributing force across the chest. The belly strap reduces pulling and adds stability but still allows full rear leg range of motion.

This is the ideal harness for strong or reactive bully breed dogs who tend to pull and lunge. It gives you better control over your powerful pup. The classic design comes in a wide range of stylish colors.

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  1. No Choke Training Harness

Some owners find a regular harness can encourage pulling, especially during leash training. The BullyBillows No Choke Harness uses a different design to discourage pulling and teach leash manners.

Rather than tightening around the chest when pulled, this harness tightens under the armpits. This helps immediately redirect your dog back to a loose leash position without choking them.

The no choke design works well for deterring pulling during obedience training, leash reactivity training, or public walks. It comes in durable black for a sleek, professional look.

  1. Vehicle Safety Harness

BullyBillows also offers a crash tested harness specifically designed for car travel and seat belt restraint.

This harness has dual reinforced handles on the back to help guide your dog during car rides and transfers. The breastplate is angled to keep your dog properly positioned.

Heavy duty seatbelt straps click directly into your car's seat belt receiver for secure restraint. The design underwent rigorous crash testing to verify its strength and safety.

This is the ideal choice for safely travel with your bully breed dog. It provides protection while preventing driver distraction or accidents caused by a loose dog in the vehicle.

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Pros and Cons of BullyBillows Harnesses

After learning about the materials, construction, and design behind BullyBillows harnesses, let's look at some of the key pros and cons based on real customer reviews:


  • Extremely durable for withstanding wear and tear
  • Thick padding prevents chafing or abrasions
  • Breathable and flexible for comfort during wear
  • Designed specifically to fit bully breed chest shape
  • Range of styles suitable for any need
  • D-ring in front and back for control and walking
  • Reinforced handles for extra security
  • Easy to put on and adjust for proper fit


  • Large size can be bulky on smaller bully breed dogs
  • Only comes in single color options per style
  • Higher cost than budget brand harnesses
  • Stiffness needs some breaking in period
  • Not recommended for dogs who slip harnesses easily


Choosing the Right BullyBillows Harness

If you're ready to purchase your first or next BullyBillows harness, here are some tips for selecting the right one:

  • Consider your dog's needs. The Classic style is ideal for everyday walking and adventure. The No Choke version works best for training leash manners. Get the Vehicle harness for car travel.
  • Measure your dog carefully and use the size chart to order the proper size. If in doubt, size up for adjustability.
  • Pick colors and styles that fit your dog's personality! BullyBillows offers fun colors beyond basic black.
  • Know your dog's temperament. The No Choke harness won't be as secure for dogs prone to slipping harnesses. Opt for the sturdier Classic style.
  • Read product details to see the full list of features for each harness type before deciding.
  • Ask BullyBillows customer service for recommendations if you're still unsure! Their team has fit thousands of bully breed dogs.

Proper Use and Care

Once you've chosen the perfect BullyBillows harness, be sure you're using and maintaining it properly to get the most benefit:

  • Allow a break-in period for your dog to adjust to wearing the harness comfortably.
  • Check strap tightness and positioning before each use and walk. Make any needed fit adjustments.
  • Use the reinforced handle on the back of the harness to maintain full control of your bully breed dog when needed.
  • Inspect for wear, damage, or signs the harness is too small after use. Replace immediately if any issues are found.
  • Machine wash gentle cycle and hang dry when harness needs cleaning. Harsh detergents may degrade materials over time.
  • Store harness in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use to prevent material breakdown.
  • Never leave a harness on an unattended dog. Remove after use to avoid potential injuries or accidents.

Following these tips will keep your BullyBillows harness in top condition while optimizing comfort and security for your bully breed pup!


BullyBillows offers an exceptional line of harnesses specifically designed for the wide chests and muscular bodies of bully breed dogs. Constructed from military grade ballistic nylon, box stitched for durability, and padded for comfort, these harnesses are built to last.

With three styles to choose from based on your needs, plus a range of fun colors, you're sure to find the perfect BullyBillows harness for your bully breed dog. Take measurements, read reviews, and consider your dog's needs and temperament during selection.

Once you invest in a BullyBillows harness, be diligent about proper sizing, fit, and regular inspections. Used and maintained correctly, your BullyBillows harness will provide years of comfortable, secure walks and adventures together. Your dog will thank you for the quality support and safety.

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