Flea Treatment For Cats: Options We Recommend

Flea Treatment For Cats: Options We Recommend

Regularly treating your cat for fleas is an important part of their ongoing health maintenance. Here's how we recommend going about it and what we suggest using.

Oh, and remember to use any treatment as per the package instructions. The suitability and dosage of each will vary depending on your cat's weight and other factors like their age.

Effective Cat Flea Treatments

We have a few different flea treatments for cats available at Riber Pets. If you'd like more advice on making the right choice for your kitty, contact us at the shop.

Otherwise, click on any of the linked products to add to your basket for delivery.

Spot-On Medication

This is one of the most common flea treatments, and some options cover both flea and tick issues.

It's an effective solution that kills fleas quickly and keeps them at bay for a number of weeks. Usually, the medication comes in a capsule that you apply to the back of your cat's neck, between their shoulder blades.

One of the drawbacks is that the solution can smell quite strong, which we know cats don't love. However, it does give good results, and no one wants fleas. As we say purrvention is always better than the cure.


This is a great product for small cats. It targets flea infestations and kills fleas within 24 hours.

We also have a version for larger cats.

Fipnil Plus

Fipnil Plus is used to treat fleas, ticks and biting lice. Once you've applied a dose of the solution to your cat, fleas will die within twenty-four hours and ticks within forty-eight hours.

It protects your cat from new flea infestations for up to four weeks and ticks for up to two. For further protection, it also contains technology that stops any dropped flea eggs from hatching in your home.

Fipnil uses the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus and Advantage and is effective for the same time period.

Flea Tablets

Johnson's 4 fleas tablets

These are oral tablets that you can pop straight into your cat's mouth or give to them with food.

They start working almost immediately (you might notice your cat having a bit of a scratch within about ten minutes of taking a tablet). Most fleas will be dead within six hours and the rest within twenty-four.

One treatment stops further flea infestation for three to four weeks and can be used in conjunction with spot-on medications.

If your cat doesn't mind taking tablets, this can be an easy way to treat them. These tablets are also suitable for kittens from four weeks old.

Flea Collars

Johnsons Flea Collar for Cats

Flea collars can be a great alternative to the above solutions, especially if your cat won't take tablets easily and gets stressed from the smell of spot-on treatments.
Using a collar can reduce the stress, for both you and them, of trying to apply the capsule treatments to the back of their neck.

It can also be more cost-effective since the collars prevent flea infestations for up to four months. Be aware that although the collar starts working almost straight away, it takes a little while for the chemicals to work their way through all your cat's fur.

Your kitty wears the collar all the time alongside any other collar or harnesses you use. You'll be glad to know that each collar has a safety release to keep your cat safe on their adventures.

Bear in mind that this isn't a good choice if your cat sleeps on your bed or you have young children who might snuggle up with your pet.

Treating Fleas in Your House

If you've already noticed cat fleas have made it into your home, or at least suspect it, then you'll need to tackle that infestation, too. Note that the suggestions below are only for your house and should not be used to treat animals directly.

Household Flea Spray

You can use this aerosol spray on soft furnishings to kill off fleas and larvae (plus other insects it comes across). It will stop any unhatched flea eggs from hatching, too.

Spray onto things like your pet's bedding, carpets and other soft furnishings and then leave the room to let it work. Again, use as per the instructions and away from your pets.

Flea Bomb

Instead of spraying, this fogger product is set off like a grenade in an affected area of your house. The application kills fleas and larvae and stops eggs hatching. It also contains a substance that helps guard against reinfestation for a number of months.

As with the spray, you'll need to vacate the space for a while and ventilate well after.

More Products You Might Find Useful

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